Fortune Cookie Onesie (Black)

Vendor: Chicks and Frogs
Type: Onesies

What does your say? Fortune cookies bring excitement and intrigue to your life. May they foretell love, wealth, health, and luck to the newest baby in your life.

We handcraft and applique the fortunes with a soft tricote backing so to not irritate skin. Onesies are 100 percent cotton and washable.

We offer an assortment of fun fortunes:
  • “Idleness is the holiday of fools” NEW!
  • “Your moods are contagious” NEW!
  • “He who throws dirt is losing ground”
  • “Excitement and intrigue follow you closely wherever you go”
  • “Great things are made of little things”
  • “Others are deeply moved by your presence”
  • “You have an unusually magnetic personality”
  • “Fame, riches, and romance are yours for the asking”

Custom fortunes also available – 3 onesie minimum order.