I’m always caught off guard by how quickly my kids are growing. Just the other day, my 19 month daughter climbed to the top rung on the climby thing on the playground. She couldn’t get down of course. But, she definitely knew how to go up. Her feat, although impressive, is a shock because it always comes sooner than expected. But, what really leaves me speechless is my child’s emotional growth. The other day while I was in my sewing room, my 5 year old son said completely out of the blue, “Mom, for your birthday, I’m going to buy you thread”. My mouth hangs open in awe… did he just say what I thought he said? When did he learn to say something that is completely NOT about him? At least in that one moment, he understood that other people have likes that are different from his own. He is moving out of his toddler age and growing into a compassionate, caring, and articulate boy. I was so proud of him that I could burst. Yes, there is a light at the end of the dark, whiny, temper-tantrum filled tunnel that we parents call a day.