Sidekicks are just Superheros who have been put on the back burner. Sometimes "Sidekick" is the label that others give to describe what we do. Most of the time "Sidekick" is the label we put on ourselves.   This is true of Chicks and Frogs which has been my sidekick.  For years, I cultivated the sidekick,  making things, crafting, and creating.  My Superhero was working for non-profit mission driven organizations.  I have fought for social justice through working for amazing organizations like Asian Law Caucus, Wild Planet Toys, ZeroDivide Foundation, Asian Women's Shelter, Asian Community Immigration Clinic, Eth-noh-tec, and Reading Partners to name a few.   Now, I'm embarking on a new journey, to evolve Chicks & Frogs from a backburner Sidekick to front and center Superhero.   One of my passions is to sew, create with fabric, and design clothing that creates laughter and celebrates the joy of living! Still grounded in social justice, I'm creating things that celebrate our diverse  commonalities.  Culture, food, technology and justice build bridges across people.  My SuperHero is inspired to continue to create a web of human connections through my craft.  I get pure happiness from making stuff, collaborating and sharing with community.   Aside from my superpower sense of smell, I look forward to not only sharing my other superpowers but to contributing to the superpowers of others as well.    Has anyone seen my cape?