Chicks & Frogs made it’s San Francisco debut yesterday at the Union Street Easter Street Parade. We had a perfect San Francisco day with sunny & warm in the morning and breezy in the afternoon. As this is the first fair of the season, I spent last week producing products. On Saturday night I got the one car family blues. I realized that all my products & supplies would take up the trunk of the car + some. I really enjoy incorporating our family into these family fairs. But, the whole coordination of 2 kids, a stroller, the “Daddy bag”, snacks, diapers on public transportation was a bit daunting. So I had the fair blues when I thought, this would be the first time the kids wouldn’t be there. But, Eugene made my day when he arrived after lunch two kids in tow! It was an adventure riding BART to Bus. But, he did it! I have a new found respect and pride in Daddy’s parenting ability. (They ate animal crackers all day and filled themselves up on funnel cake – but I can’t ask for it all right?)