This was one jam packed weekend.

As a parent, I get a bizarre pleasure when I successfully schedule events around naptimes, feedings, and meltdowns. We somehow managed to get down to San Jose on Friday night, have dim sum Saturday morning, get to a “sneak peek” newborn party for the newest addition to our expanding circle of friends. Then, we were back up to Oakland for a slideshow of a friend’s phenomenal experience doing post-tsunami relief work in India. Before the sun set on Saturday, we made it to a birthday bash at Habitot Museum for my son’s preschool buddies who happen to be a set of twins. The girl’s cake – My Pretty Pony. The boy’s cake – Alien. The party bags were fantastic. On Sunday, it was pancake breakfast in PJ’s. It’s now Sunday at 8:00 pm and the kids are fast asleep.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this every weekend. But, on rare occasion, it’s a confidence builder to know you can. With a smirkish grin, I think the stars are in alignment (at least for the past 72 hours) and lighting a path in this foggy, crazy, chaotic life of parenthood.