I’ve decided to start collecting all the tidbits of good advice/suggestions that I get from my friends and other parents who have “been there/done that”. Here’s my latest best find.

Context: It was the usual 6:00pm conversation on the playground of the daycare.
Q: What are you doing for dinner?
R: hmm..haven’t even thought about it. Take-out probably.
To make a short story shorter, we had an impromptu dinner get together at her house. The kids played while she got the pasta started. I ran home & picked up some pesto sauce. Sorry, I said, it’s just pesto pasta tonight. No time to cook a meat to give it that extra heartiness. She reaches into her fridge and pulls out a tub of cooked meat.

She says, I buy the premarinated burrito meat at Berkeley Bowl. Then I just sprinkle it on whatever. Salad, burritos, pasta. It’s the best!